Question your perception always, because nothing is what it seems at first sight.


















Stefnie – Illustrative Typography appeared on the scene in 2016. Nothing is more difficult for a designer than developing her own corporate identity. It took me quite some time. Being that Bitzigeio, my surname, is difficult to spell, I decided to concentrate on my first name and reduce it to Stefnie, hoping I would be the only one with the idea of leaving out the “a,” but in the Internet age, I should have known better. There are many Stefnie’s out there. Luckily, none of them provides good drawings and illustrations in combination with fine typography.

So, would you have thought that I’m from Germany? Most people presume that my surname is Italian. If you ask Italians, they laugh and say it is definitely not an Italian name. It certainly has Roman roots due to the many vowels and a family’s friend found similarities with the Romanian word for the great titmouse: Piţigoi.

I love this bird, its tenderness, quickness, flexibility and alertness represent everything I would like to be. Therefore, I wanted this little bird to be part of my design. I realize nothing is what it seems to be, but I assume that my ancestors came from Romania. Let me know if you know better!

By the way, the wonderful typeface I use on this website is called Buendia and it is designed by César Puertas.


I am curious without being pushy, and I ask questions when things are unclear. It leads to interesting insights and unexpected outcomes. You may for instance wish to know if the image you have of your company is the same as the one your customers have. I can assist you with making the right decisions to develop your corporate image.