Handcrafted designs can still be an important part of a designer’s work.

Anniverserie – Booklet
Scetch from my dad, my siblings and our Goggomobil
A booklet with illustrations of my family, made for the 75th anniversary of my mother. The booklet has a traditional Japanese binding.
Birthday Card for Mira
Birthday card for Merel
Examples of handmade congratulation and invitation cards. A combination of broad nib calligraphy and animal sketches.
The capital letter B for the Dutch word biggetje
The capital letter B for the Dutch word biggetje
Crocheted letters created for the annual report 2012 of The Hague’s animal shelter.
The capital letter B for the Dutch word biggetje
The jaguar and the flamingo
Animal letters overview
Animal letters created from 4–6 year old children during a workshop about letters I gave at a Montessori School in The Hague/The Netherlands.
Special offer flyers for a biological supermarket
Drawings of fruit made using coloured pencils and watercolours. They appeared on an organic supermarket’s flyers that provided information about the healthfulness of the fruit and advertised a weekly bargain discount.

In a time when digital communication techniques are subject to quick developments, I find it still important to use the possibilities that analog techniques offer and I like to push the limits of applied art. Handcrafted designs are livelier, and using my hands and not the mouse to create feels good. Also, combining it with digital techniques can produce surprising effects. Wanna see more?