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Macula – Possible Applications for an impossible Typeface

Bold Monday, a type foundry based in The Hague, the Netherlands, released in February 2013 a font series named Macula, designed by Jacques Le Bailly. Macula can be described as the “impossible typeface” for its design is based on the concept of impossible objects as made by famous Dutch artist M.C. Escher in the 1930’s. I received a request to create some examples of potential applications. It was a wonderful exercise as it involved merely playing around to discover the different possibilities the font offers designers.

Macula comes in five styles, which are already amazing when used alone, and exceed expectations when layered. By stacking different styles of Macula on top of each other, beautiful multi-colored typography becomes possible. Its precise construction offers a wonderful playground for unimagined two-dimensional designs and optical illusions.


Typography plays a big role in a design concept – even more when you use an extraordinary font like Macula. I like to search for peculiar typefaces for a project and to highlight their peculiarities through my designs. It can give your project a unique look. Would you like me to suggest which font best suits your project? Give me a call!