Imagining something not yet in existence, is creativity.

The quirky Nitti Grotesk shapes

For the release of Bold Monday’s typeface “Nitti Grotesk,” designed by Pieter van Rosmalen, I received a request to produce a series of posters using the font with its quirky and typical early English sans-serif shapes.

With the industrial revolution, the late 19th century brought many economic and social changes. No wonder, type designers during this time deliberately tried to avoid typefaces with serifs. I took the beginning of the 20th century as a starting point in my research to find suitable poster topics. My creations vary in subject, appearance and the way I employ the typeface with its seven weights. The examples demonstrate how well the typeface serves many different applications.


Is Mister Nitti Grotesk not a respectable and likeable old chap?

A reoccurring public poster during this time was the WANTED poster, used by the police to find criminals. The idea was to play off this, reversing the role of the poster, by giving it a positive image with the character Mister Nitti Grotesk. Still a distinct association to the old wanted poster remained, thanks to the name Nitto, whose origin was Francesco Nitto, one of Al Capone’s henchmen. Mister Nitti Grotesk’s personality is the product of various configurations of the typeface’s glyphs and styles.
Ausschnitt Poster Wiener Linien

Not every project gives a designer the opportunity to think outside the box. There are jobs requiring you to stick to the point. But, I appreciate it when I get the chance to think differently, which is why I experiment constantly, even outside of my contract work. Often such endeavors lead to very interesting client jobs. Take a close look and let me know, if you find something that triggers your fantasy!