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Oskar – A timeless homage to the early 20th century

Bold Monday, a type foundry based in The Hague, the Netherlands, released Oskar, a wonderful new font family designed by Paul van der Laan. They asked me to create some examples of possible font applications. It represented a fantastic opportunity to express my great esteem for a good-looking, well-made font, in combination with different illustration styles, depending on the subject. The posters are completely fictitious. The book cover had to be one of my favorite books.

Oskar comes in two stylistically different versions and three weights. For each version, there is an inline style, making it unique while offering greater versatility and thus more creative potential. Initially drawn for lettering, the following examples show that the font has become a fabulous headline font with an unmistakable association to its origin, while preserving its modernity.


Ausschnitt Poster Wiener Linien
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