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Sinnvoll  |  A corporate Design for better learning

Sinnvoll – Lernen und Leben is Angelika Bitzigeio’s alternative medicine practice for applied kinesiology. Applied kinesiology is a method used to detect physical, mental and emotional imbalances that may lead to illness. It employs knowledge and skills obtained from modern neuroscience and the ancient Chinese science of energy. As it has to date no official recognition of scientific evidence for its effectiveness, it is quite difficult for kinesiologists to convince potential clients to undergo treatment. It is quickly prejudged to be vague treatment or pseudo-medicine, even as it is gaining increased attention, e.g. in education. The practice’s owner asked me to help her improve the image. I designed logo, stationary, poster and information flyers. The new website is in development.

The corporate design had to look fresh and, above all, not like anything that might be easily associated with the esoteric field. As an experienced teacher, she focuses on learning strategies for children with learning disabilities, helping them to improve their capabilities at school and their self-confidence. The logo had to look friendly and cheerful, yet still serious enough to capture the target group: the children’s parents. I decided to use my hand lettering skills for the logo and combined it with the font Sauna from Underware. To draw more attention to the information flyers and posters, I designed a little comic figure: a light bulb that depicts pupils’ inner workings. The little light bulb shows that learning can be fun, as well.


I am eager to learn, and every new project offers me the possibility to increase my knowledge. It fascinates me to find out what kind of information is of special interest to others. Even more exciting is when I have the opportunity to illuminate something that is little known. Tell me if you have a project that deserves a bigger audience!