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Jasmin  |  How wonderful it is to love every little thing

The 25th birthday of my little niece was a reason for me to go back in time. It wasn’t long ago that I, too, turned 25, was it? It was a time when I made my own music mixes and put them on tape. Ok, I admit, it was a while ago…  At the time, she was three years old and gave me a present: a self-made painting in wild colours, as wild as she was back then. Wild and lovely.
I wanted to give her a present: songs about women from strong women singer-songwriters of different decades, which I had in my still cherished CD collection.
I used her lavish painting as a background for the CD booklet. Every song has its message, some of which I put in front of every spread, accompanied by the song texts and the ornaments, which offers the rough stencil font Stanley, by Pieter van Rosmalen. The song texts go up and down, like life, and, as I wanted them readable in small sizes and narrow columns, I set them in Panno, also by Pieter. Isn’t the booklet wild and lovely?


I love the process of combining all kinds of painted materials and paper, with the opportunities digitalization offers. Nothing happens automatically, but sometimes tiny manual slips of the hand can result in an astonishing design solution. Let me know, if you want me to surprise you!